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  • Making music files

    Wonder if anyone can help me out with this. I've been putting photos on CD's and want to add a music track.Between the software that I'm using and the dvd player which I intend to use to show it on my regular TV, my best bet seems to be an mp3 format.

    How can I take a audio CD that I have ( which I think is in a wav format-not sure though) and convert a particular song into a mp3 file so that I can import it into the slide show. All I know about audio CD's is that when I insert one in a drive it plays music.

    Anyway, I went online to do a search for conversion software or even to download an mp3 file and what a disaster! Some of those music sites were really pretty bad and it took me quite a while to clean up my computer.

    Any suggestions?

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    Well here's a very straight forward ripper Paulette.

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      Thanks. I'm looking into it right now.Regards to HRH.


      • #4 puts out Media Wizard a very good conversion tool Price $50.


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          my sympathy

          I tried to figure out how to download mp3s from several sites, don't know where they went on my computer, somewhere, but I could never figure it out.
          I have a neat little program that you can put photos into to show and you can add mp3s to it but it never worked for me.
          Good luck, let us no if you are successful.


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            They were probably dl'd into the programs own default directory. Go to the folder in windows explorer and you might find a separate folder with your music in it.


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              Another way to find your mp3's (or anything on your computer) is to go to start>find files (search or whatever your operating system)and type in mp3 and hit enter - you'll end up with a list of all the mp3's on your computer and their locations.


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                I've been researching a few slide show programs and the one I'm
                trying now is one called tvcd( I have a free trial download). The important thing for me is that the CD's I create will be viewable on a dvd hooked up to a regular TV. There are a few new programs out there which seem to offer what I want so it's really just coming up with one that gives me the least problem.

                .....on to search for music files on my hard drive- thanks MIG-never thought of that



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                  Paulette, just be aware that the resolution on a TV is much lower than a monitor, so your pics may not look too wonderful on the TV. A better bet would be to use a data projector connected to a laptop.

                  While researching, you should also check whether whatever you're putting onto the CD can be played in a standalone DVD player. My feeling is that you'd probably have to make a DVD movie for your idea to work.


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                    Originally posted by BigAl
                    My feeling is that you'd probably have to make a DVD movie for your idea to work.
                    you might not have to actually, I've tried burning videos in Mpeg format on Cd-R and my brother was able to play it in his friends DVD player. (but the video has to be in .MPG since .AVI files will not work that way)

                    - David


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                      David, you're right that mpegs (can't remember whether it's 1 or 2) will play, but the point I was trying to make is that the DVD player won't be able to play a Powerpoint presentation (or anything along those lines). So to view the pics they'd have to be turned into something that the DVD player will understand.


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                        oops, wasn't thinking and kinda missed the point of the thread there.. but yes, you're right for something like that, DVD would most likely be best (since on DVD's you can have chapters, and then you can just flip forwards and backwards through the photos with the DVD remote control or player controls)

                        - David


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                          Starting to have second thoughts about this project. What I wanted to do is be able to send CD's containing family pictures to some elderly aunts who do not have computers but who have Dvd
                          players. I thought it would make a nice Christmas gift for them.

                          Anyway, the more I'm looking into this the more I'm realizing is that this is going to be a entirely new learning experience re the world of dvd compatibility and video CD burning. Seems like it's even important re what brand of CD you choose as to whether or not it will work.

                          Will resume this project after the Thanksgiving holiday.Thanks to all for your help !



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                            The project might be on hold, but thanks for bringing it up. I've been following the thread with interest.



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                              Brought this one back to life because of a mail to the Advanced-CDR list:
                              I have been putting family photos on VCD to run through my TV via an inexpensive DVD with great results (better than the look on the computer screen, without program enhancement.
                              Sounds to me exactly what Paulette was wanting to do...

                              Check if your CD-burning software can create a VCD and try it. I'll keep the email and query the sender if anyone wants further info.


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