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Do you hate chain letters?

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  • Do you hate chain letters?

    Here's a cute page you can send those folks on your email list who keep sending you those chain mail letters and urban legend requests for help ....

    On the Soapbox -- cute and TRUE!

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    That's really good CJ. Thanks.


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      Gary, glad you liked it. Send it to all of your friends.


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        thanks for the link CJ, thats great, and so true. all of those forwards that I always get at my hotmail address are so annoying, I delete them before even reading them. the end part of that flash movie was the best part

        - David


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          Just great CJ. I have about 50 people to send this too. I hope they get the message! How come so many of us understand this yet we keep getting the goll darned things.


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            CJ I have sent it to all my friends. Thanks again.


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              Excellent! It's the best answer I've ever seen for a chain letter.



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