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  • NAPP, LYNDA, Kelby?

    Hi there,

    I have been thinking of joining NAPP (international member) but am wondering if the benefits are great for those of us not in the US as I obviously will not be able to attend local events (even though I would love to). So, I am considering whether my money would best be spent on an NAPP membership, subscription to Kelby Training or Just keen to watch some tutorials and keep up to date with the latest PS happenings. I would love to hear from those of you who are members of the above forums. Which would you recommend?

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    Re: NAPP, LYNDA, Kelby?

    I just finished a month with Kelby training. Kelby is more photography training. I really liked the Margulis and Caponigro series. You can watch the intro for free.

    I join Lynda for a month now and then when I want to learn something new. It was invaluable to me when I upgraded to CS5. Lynda is more software oriented and has a lot more choice. They're courses seem to be more up to date. Go here.


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      Re: NAPP, LYNDA, Kelby?

      I've been a member of NAPP for 10 years and have been to three Photoshop Worlds (LA and Vegas – see my vendor hall software developer photos here), and I would have to honestly say that aside from meeting the software developers and equipment vendors personally and seeing Scott Kelby playing guitar through a doorway (FWIW), you can experience most of the other educational benefits online through video training (especially) and even locally via books (so long as your neighborhood bookstore stays in business-!).

      In fact, at the close of each PSW training session the presenter just offers to sell you his DVD anyway.

      NAPP is even putting PSW materials online now (long after the fact, of course, but still. But that might be for members only; I need to revisit this).

      Of course there are benefits to meeting other photographers and creative people personally, but even then you have to make a special effort to do so (everyone is running from place to place all week).

      In Carol's case, she should just purchase training materials online from any of the mentioned publishers. No need for a NAPP membership to do so, though as a member she might save some money here and there (though NAPP is not the only place to get discounts).

      Carol, if you spend a little time with Mr. Google you will find all the free Photoshop tutorials and advice you can use for a long time to come. Same with iTunes subscriptions to the various video podcasts.

      PS: If you can join NAPP and go to PSW as part of your job (cough-cough!), by all means!


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        Re: NAPP, LYNDA, Kelby?

        Thanks for that honest appraisal plugsnpixels. I'd love to think that I could some day write a trip to Vegas off as a business expense but that won't be for some time now. I was tempted by the discounts on some of their products but I can get most of the books they offer cheaper through my own Amazon store. Sadly, one of our major book retailers in Australia (Borders) has gone into administration in these past weeks so Amazon will be getting a lot of my business now. Aussie dollar is also good against the $US atm. Speaking of which, My Hubbie will be in Nashville next week and may have time for a little shopping. Can anyone suggest good camera retailers or bookstores to visit? Even with import tax, many camera goods are cheaper to purchase in the US than here in Australia.


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          Re: NAPP, LYNDA, Kelby?

          For NAPP I like the magazine and I'd buy it at the bookstore if I wasn't a member, but if you pay for NAPP membership you get the magazine and you are then able to see many of the short training video tips they have on their website. If you go to their traveling seminars you still just get a slight discount. And like Plugs said, the real benefit is meeting people and seeing vendors..the trainers are there to sell their wares. I also like Kelby training and Lydia...especially if you are new to PS...definitely a better value than a DVD training series. Also a lot of good books out there that you can keep in your library and always refer to. And lastly, be careful of DVD series...most are over priced for what they are far better off taking the courses offered by Doug on this website...economies of scale...he makes get good information at a good price.