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windows 7 tip: restoring a deleted file

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  • windows 7 tip: restoring a deleted file

    Wasn't sure where to put this but here it is.

    Came across this this little feature a few weeks ago and found it usefull..

    generally if you lose or delete accidently a important file you go to the recycle bin and hope it there or find your self a undelete program ...

    however, there another meathod to restore a file in windows 7 that part of
    windows 7 .

    The feature is called Restore Previous Versions

    this article talks all about it and considt of several web pages

    I wouldn't rely onthis being your sole meathod for restoring a file butas another item in your list of tricks to recover a file

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    Re: windows 7 tip: restoring a deleted file

    Now that is indeed interesting and does what do you do if you want to completely delete a file so it doesn't end up here?


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      Re: windows 7 tip: restoring a deleted file

      that is a interesting question... i can imagine you got a sensitive file and delete it and also delete it from therecycle bin and you think your safe.... smiling....

      at first ididn't have a answer and went looking... and came across this website

      now it give you directions about deleting shadow copies .... but one part i don't understand and i don't like is you also looks like you delete restore points also... need to check that further if it actually does

      somthing i have tried yet...
      is after deleting a file... then do a restore previous and hi light the file and do a right clcik and see if you can delete that one!!


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