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  • Create a Video Loop

    I captured a video off my iPad and after offloading it via Dropbox to my Macbook Pro am trying to figure out how to create a video loop. Not seeing any options to do this in my standard editors (iMovie, Garage Band, even iDVD, etc.)

    Suggestions, ideas?

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    Re: Create a Video Loop

    You did not mention the format of the video. I use Quicktime and it has a loop option under View > Loop. Hope that is useful.

    PS - Glad you joined up with ReTouchPro Jason. Great addition considering your contributions on other forums.
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      Re: Create a Video Loop

      It came off my iPad, so already in a .mov format...

      What I am trying to do is take the 30 second piece of video, add a musical score, with an intro and outro text, so it's not as easy as just "watching" it loop. I want the video piece to match the audio piece of a different file...


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        Re: Create a Video Loop

        You need Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere or similar software to get sound & your movie together. Then you will export a new movie and you will get a new movie file without loop - you need to set up your loop within your movie player or prepare a DVD file with the loop already set up before you will export it (from DVD Studio Pro, or iDVD or similar software). It is relatively easy process but you need to learn it somewhere by yourself as it is not easy to explain ...


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          Re: Create a Video Loop

          Hi Jason

          I don't know if you can do this in QuickTime Player 7 or not (still available for download and is separate and different that QuickTime X). I upgraded for $30 to the QuickTime Pro Version from Apple so it is cheap and I believe has the capability you want. Here is a cut and paste from the Help file on how to match the audio to the video or visa versa. Once that is done doing a loop should not be an issue. Is this what you are looking for?

          Screen shot 2011-12-26 at 10.32.43 AM.png

          Also, here is a link to thread of someone asking the same question. There were asking about iMovie yet the answer (a couple posts down) talks about how to do this in QuickTime:

          Hope this helps.