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The Birth of a Butterfly

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  • The Birth of a Butterfly

    My wife and I will be married for 44 years on Dec. 28, 2001. She has always urged me to
    get rid of things that I haven’t used for a length of time. Yesterday, we decided to do
    some heavy house cleaning. Not the kind where you wash walls, but the kind where you
    go through the things you’ve accumulated, and get rid of the things that no longer had
    value. She thought I had gotten rid of *many* things years ago, but I kept my little (okay
    -- big) pile of things in a large walk-in closet in one of our no longer used bedrooms,
    which I had confiscated for my computer and related items. We started with the
    basement. That was day number one (yesterday). The next thing she wanted to do was to
    clean the two walk-in closets. I went in first, trying to keep her out. She finally made her
    way in, and something strange happened when she saw what I had saved. I never saw
    those veins in her temples before! Her eyes became red, and they bulged out at least six
    inches! The Loch Ness Monster suddenly lost it’s place in the world. This was NOT the
    woman I married! As a matter of self-survival, I reluctantly threw away some things that I
    *might* possibly have had a use for in the next decade or so. When it was finally over, I
    looked at her and said “I love you”. The transformation of a monster into a butterfly had
    taken place.


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    WOW!!! TALK ABOUT CUTTING IT CLOSE!!! If I tried that,well, my lovely wife is of Romanian stock and with a national hero known by the endearing title of " VLAD THE IMPALER "....... I think you are a brave individual! Tom


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