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  • This one's for Tom

    Hi Tom,

    Several days ago, Debbie came up with her Avatar. When I saw it, I remarked that it looked professional, unlike somebody else I know. I was, of course, jokingly referring to you. Since I posted that, I really didn't know just how you took it, so I want to make a public apology to you if you thought something different was meant by my post. For *certain*, I think you are a high class and professional restoration artist. I often joke around with people, so either take my posts with a grain of salt, or put me in my place if you think I get out of line.

    Man, am I glad I got that off my chest!


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    Uh...Ed.... How sensitive can someone who lives in Montana, looks like a cow with glasses and has raised the posting of annoying comments and poor taste to an art form of international incident proportions, be? I was not aware of any offence but thanks anyway, after all, I warn those to whom I post," Everyone here is knowledgable and very willing and anxious to help you . Except the cow. WATCH THE COW!!" In short, no problem, my goal at this time in my existance is to win the coveted title of "CRAZY OLD MAN" and frighten young children! Tom


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      Thanks Tom. That's what makes you such a pro. And all the time you thought it was your work!



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        Well, heck Ed I refered to you as the "pig" in one post and after I read it I thought that it could really be taken wrong too. OH well, I figured it serves you right for pickin the pig. And I still picture Tom as a cow with glasses. A very intellectual bovine of course.


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          Being a cow is OK, Except for the multiple stomach thing and a tendency to get my tongue stuck in my nose. Tom


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