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Happy Holidays Greeting to you!

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  • Happy Holidays Greeting to you!

    Merry Christmas e-card by Jacquie Lawson - graphic artist

    If you have a dial-up internet account, Ed warns that it can take a while to download (sorry!). He also said it's worth it.
    I think you'll enjoy it also.

    *** As of Saturday afternoon, there's another glitch -- the link now only goes to the artist's home page -- but the card link is there. It's the second card listed - "Snowdog". The others available for preview are nice also, if you have a fast connection.
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    Spetaculor !

    Thank you, that is really great. What program do you use to create that, I am not into animation stuff but have taken a painter class and we did little movies, think my class would get a big kick out of this one.


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      platscha - Glad you enjoyed it! I thought it was wonderful when it was sent to me.

      I don't know, but it's probably some type of Flash program -- David K. knows about Flash, so maybe he'll let us know. If you click on "more info about the card", it may tell more about how it was made - but all I read was advertising for the site and clicked off.
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        Neat! that's a really nice e-card.
        yeah, it's definitely Flash, (it's a .swf file) but hard to say what program it was done in. more likely one of the newer versions of Flash (5 or MX) but it could also be Adobe LiveMotion, which also outputs in swf.

        - David


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          Very cool! If anyone else has a dial up account, it took a while for it to load. But it was well worth it. Thanks CJ.



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            How thoughtful to share the wonderful Cristmas Spirit & the card with us. Really like the cool color of the card's background.....

            And it's great to have a Christmas card art thread......


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              That was terrific!! It was well worth the download time.



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                Love to see it but the link only takes me to the artists homepage. Maybe it was time sensitive.


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                  Sorry, Debbie -- you can find the card (that used to be linked here) on that page -- second card down -- "Snowdog"