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  • Trouble

    Just little me here.

    Just wanted to say thanks for a great site, forums, tutorials . . . . etc . .

    Thanks to you guys and gals I'm already in trouble with my good lady wife for spending too much time here already! She likes the results though, so I know she's not that worried!

    Right, off home from work - see, you've got me doing it here too (be in trouble with the boss next) - to go and do the first (yes, first!!!!) of our Christmas shopping - RP is that good

    Merry Crhistmas all!


    PS I can't afford it at the mo, but if I haven't sent Doug some money by the fifth of Jan, can someone nudge me hard please??? Yes, I really do believe in this site that much just seven days after registering!

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    Yes, it CAN be "addicting", can't it?!!

    Now, don't let yourself get in trouble at work or with your wife, 'cause stress reduces your creativity AND your enjoyment!

    Glad you joined the group of RP-aholics, and our next meeting is ... RIGHT NOW!


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      Take it from an EXTREME RP-aholic there's no turning back.
      Welcome Collin. Six days and you've formed a solid love of the site. Yup, you got it real bad. Glad you're getting so much out of it and hope your wife and boss don't come down too hard on you. If they do, just make them a memorable collage or restore a treasured photo and they'll be on your side.


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        Take my advice and get out NOW!! It will only get worse! Glad to have you aboard with the rest of us junkies.



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          Oh well, too late!

          The wife left me, the boss sacked me and I'm still here.

          Hmm. I am getting a graphics tablet for Christmas though

          Nah, just kidding! Not about the tablet, just gonna have to see what my mate Santa brings. fingers crossed!

          I got to play with an Intuos 2 on Thursday - WOW!


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            Oh that was a fatal error. Never play around with those things or you'll be hooked. You think maybe that's why stores let you try out their items like that? Sounds like you know you'll love it already. Good luck and let us know how you like it. Heck, why not add a review in the review section. All you need to do is give your opinion.