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  • Question about Pictures/Artwork/etc...

    As I work & learn here, creating and adding Photo Art, Retouched pieces, Manipulated artwork to my already large photography portfolio I'm finding that I want to somehow organize it and display it all.

    My questions are these:

    Besides a website, (I already have one and am working on another as I grow and learn enough to be able to "work" in the Retouching/Restoration field), how do any of you gather your work to show others?

    Specifically, I'm looking for, output sizes, do you create "before" AND "after" prints? Or do you just create a portfolio of finished work?
    Do you separate your work by the type of work, restorations, retouches, Photo Art?
    What is the best medium to display in (small/large portfolios)?
    Do you print "samples" on the same medium you may sell/give away on? (example: same type of textured paper... )

    I see TONS of great work done here, from ALL of the various Challenges. I have work from my own Photography portfolio that friends and family have requested be printed and framed. I would like to extend that and be able to show them the work I have produced via the Challenges, tutorials, tips and overall learning I have gotten at RetouchPro (and other graphic sites).

    I'd like to hear how others are doing seems to be a natural extension to display/distribute the incredible work by talented people (and myself)

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    Good question.

    I print a before & after. I use SOny 4x6 paper. Sometimes I use separate sheets for before and after, but sometimes I print both versions on the same 4x6 sheet.

    I guess there's not one standard rule. I think everyone does it his/her way as long as a viewer can get thepoint.


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