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Merry Christmas to all

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  • Merry Christmas to all

    Hello to all,
    I tried all evening to crash learn setting up a web page and find a home page that would allow me to save this file so you all could view it. So I am directing you to my first webpage. It contains a link to a small zip that holds a small little video (3mb). I hope you can all download and view it. I was able to set it up because of this site and all of you. And when the holidays are over I will take on learning how to make it look better.
    So please go to this site and download my card to each of you.

    I pass on my best Holiday wishes, for Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa and every special holiday you all celebrate.
    Here's to an even better year.
    Love to all
    PS-Look CJ it's snowing!!!

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    and for you MAC users, it's an .exe file, so don't bother downloading it (unless you know how to make one of those work on a MAC, and then you can tell ME how!)

    Merry Christmas!
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      Merry Christmas to you, too.
      What program did you use,Debbie?



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        Debbie -- you did it, all right! Verrry Kewl!!!!

        That's a very nice holiday greeting!


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          Very nice

          Great job, thank you and a Happy Hplidays to you as well.


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            Nice job Debbie. Thank you, and a very happy holiday season to you as well.



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              Sorry BK and all other Mac users. What format can be opened in Mac. I tried quicktime, but the file size is over 2 gigs. If there is a way around this I will find it!
              Tony, I used Gif Animator 5 and saved it as an exe package. That was the only way I could add the music.


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                That was great Debbie! What a great way to start Sunday morning. Merry Christmas to you just a little early.



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                  BK and all Mac users. I have added a qt zip to the site. I hope you can open it now. The quality is a bit poor, but speed was what I was going for.


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                    BK, I hope you can see/hear it -- I could when I downloaded the Mac .mov file.


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                      While you're here, if anyone can recommend a fair priced web site, I'd appreciate it. Just starting to look at web advertising and don't want to pay through the nose at the start.


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                        Hope you had a good Christmas Debbie and Happy New Year.

                        Web advertising does not need to be expensive in fact with a little bit of work it won't cost you a penny. You have to get your meta tags A1 okay (any info about this just PM me and I'll help you!) The other thing to do and believe me this part takes days, is trawl through all the serch engine - google, yahoo, msn, aol, etc. and submit your site, as long as it dosen't include anything offensive they will include you in there lists. For there lists to become active takes between 2-4 weeks - but costs you nothing there is an important meta tag to include to keep the robots coming back and PM me and I'll send it to you. I'll PM you my web server - its in the UK but may be of interest.

                        On a different matter is there any chance you could share with me how you got music on your site? I am about to make a music orietated site and any tip would be appreciated - Thanks.

                        Happy New Year Everyone


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                          Thanks very much Clare, and when ready, I will be in touch. As for the music. It was really rather simple. Geocities allows uploaded files, then I just linked the music to a background music add on. I have not begun any html or script stuff as of yet, Just did this in a few hours cause I was in a rush to make it accessible.
                          My understanding is that the source code links to my file storage and there was the music. Lots to learn for me but I intend to make a go of it.
                          Thanks again for the input and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (1 more hour for you) to you and your family.
                          I am about to contact my family in Devon and catch them as the New YEar rolls around.


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