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Merry Christmas To All Update

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  • Merry Christmas To All Update

    I just couldn't leave it alone. I finally figured out how to show the whole thing on the web site. Now everyone can receive my Christmas wishes
    Go here for my card to you all.

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    Web pages and retouchPRO - both somewhat addictive!


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      Yea, Debbie! You got it up, with the animation showing!

      I'm going to update my website soon (I've been saying that for a long time, but NOW it's a New Year's resolution )

      (I couldn't hear the music, though, and your source code seemed to include it... )


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        Thanks for the support folks. And thanks CJ for the heads up. As I said this was really a rush job: 1)never set up a web site before,2) never did an animation before, 3) never inserted anything on a web page, especially an animation w/ music. So I have much to learn in the New Year (of course I have plenty of time for that )
        Well it's been an interesting 2 days. I shall emerge victorious!!
        Again Happy Holidays.


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          hey that's great Debbie! the audio worked fine in my browser (I'm using the Opera 7 beta) so maybe it's a problem with the plugin your browser uses to play audio CJ? (it's probably Windows media player). Merry Christmas!!

          - David


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            Great news David. I think the audio is a little out of sync with the loading of the page, the longer it takes to load seems to interfere with the music. I left the page on and actually go the music about 3 minutes later. Well, just one more thing to learn.


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              Great job Debbie. Thank you. You couldn't have picked a more appropriate tune. I had about a 2 minute wait. Happy holidays!



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