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  • Happy Holidays

    For the first time in recent memory, I have unalloyed optimism about the upcoming year. No small share of this is due to the kindness and generosity, in every sense of the word, of our RetouchPRO community members.

    Community. That's the important word, and the year-end holidays are our annual recognition of that fact. I just read a commentary in one of our better-known news magazines about the sterility of the phrase "happy holidays", but to me these holidays are about inclusiveness, and no other phrase is as inclusive. We have a diverse community here, so it seems to me to be the most appropriate seasonal greeting.

    So, whatever holidays you celebrate (or choose not to), let me just say to you all that I wish you happy times, warm memories, and something bright to hope for in the new year.

    Happy holidays!
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    Well said Doug, cheers!

    - David


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      Who'd a known a janitor could write something like that! Very nice Doug. Happy holidays back to you and your loved ones.



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        Thank you Doug. My comments are exactly the same. And thank you for giving us this community.


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          Thanks Doug!

          These are the days of speaking sentiments in politically correct ways so as to not offend those who have different thoughts than the writer or speaker, but to wish happiness HAS to be universal. So yes indeed - Happy Holidays to All!


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            Ditto's From our house Doug. I'm glad to be a part of this unique community.


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              Merry Christmas to all!!! It's great to have a nice place to visit and learn from many experts. Hope this coming year is prosperous for all.



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                Thank you, Doug, for providing this meeting place for our community, and creating the atmosphere that attracts us all here.

                Thanks to each member of RPro, those who post, and those who lurk -- you all are a part of a community of folks who share a common bond -- with me.

                I enjoyed my Christmas dinner and day with relatives and friends, and hope that each of you also had a Happy Holiday!


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                  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years to all the members of Rpro. It has been my privilege to have found this site and been accepted into your family. May each of you have a prosperous and Happy 2003.


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