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  • Anybody using IE?

    It was brought to my attention that some pages on my website were not displaying properly in IE9. I'm a Mac user but checked Win7 (VM) and confirmed this occasional display problem in IE 9 and 10. However, all other browsers work fine (Firefox, Chrome, Safari for Windows).

    I was under the impression IE was not as popular as before due to rendering and security issues, and that most folks prefer Firefox and Chrome. How about you?

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    Re: Anybody using IE?

    I was Firefox all the way but it has begun to perform slowly. Also I still run into more sites than I would have expected that still don't support it. I have switched to chrome. I think as each browser becomes popular they begin to slow down and perform poorly as every one puts add ins and bugs in. Once chrome falls victim to this I will switch to something else.


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      Re: Anybody using IE?

      Usually Firefox for me without any performance issues and of course the touted improved security. On IE 10 your website displays just fine very close to FF but it looks like very slightly increased saturation in certain colours but so close as to be negligible


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        Re: Anybody using IE?

        I just checked, your website seems to be very close in FF and chrome on my laptop. There are some slight spacing differences. For instance on the ezine.html the second line of copy ends with the word plug- in chrome vs compatible in FF.


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          Re: Anybody using IE?

          Thanks folks. Also, I have seen in Firefox a vertical image spacing issue, whereas Safari won't show this. I think it has to do with the differences in rendering text between those two browsers.

          I need to redesign the site in a modern web dev app anyway (it's an Adobe GoLive-based site).


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            Re: Anybody using IE?

            IE 8 and I randomly checked a few pages. Looked fine to me. Also looked fine in Opera 9. Older than what you asked for, but it never hurts.


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              Re: Anybody using IE?

              Got it sorted out. It seems a web optimization app I used truncated the background color (white) to "fff" instead of "ffffff". I just reuploaded the non-optimized files and all seems well now.


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