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    I am curious about peoples’ work areas. So let’s take a poll. Choose which personality would like to work in your work environment.
    Martha Stewart
    Oscar the Grouch
    Calvin and Hobbes
    Harry Potter
    A brain surgeon
    A traffic controller

  • #2
    The first three are unknown on this side of the 'pond' are they American politicians ? I'll go for Harry Potter he would feel at home in my 'dungeon' style garret. I'm not a fan of this literary 'upstart' so he'd be swinging gently by the ankles from a roof beam.



    • #3
      Here is a brief description of the three unknowns....

      Martha Stewart -American Domestic Goddess and Grand Hostess (crafts, cooking, gardening, weddings, catering, decorating and so on). This woman does it all and has everything neatly organized and probably color-coded too. Of course all the things she does, no average person would have the time so there are many spoofs on her.

      Martha Stewart Web Site

      Oscar the Grouch is a puppet from a children’s educational TV show (Sesame Street). He is a grumpy green puppy that lives in a trash can, and therefore is usually a little messy.

      Oscar The Grouch

      Calvin and Hobbes a great comic strip about a little boy and his stuff tiger. He is quite the handful and does some quite hilarious antics. The creator does a wonderful job capturing the nature of little children.

      Calvin and Hobbes

      Hope this helps.


      • #4

        Thanks for the comprehensive description of these characters, with hind sight they appear to have the traits of some British politicians !



        • #5
          Oscar The Grouch

          I chose Oscar because try as I might to keep the office clean, between my work and my husbands, it always winds up looking like the bottom of a waste basket. It's got that clutter decor feel to it.


          • #6

            Well, I have to say Oscar too. As much as I try to keep my desk clear of clutter, that usually only happens about once a month - during which time as the desk becomes too cluttered, I start creating (sorted) piles on the floor. Sigh... (Is there a sighing smilie?) -Jeanie


            • #7
              Martha Stewart---because she must be Donna Reed's evil twin, you know, sort of a female Eddie Haskel, and that inspires me to keep alert and watchful. Tom


              • #8
                Tom did you forget to vote at the top? Martha has 0 votes. I have to admit, that is the first time I ever heard Martha compared to Eddie Haskel.


                • #9
                  Dj, I couldnt find a place to vote, Is the poll board locked? Beware the perfect home maker!! Who knows what is planted Beneath the roses in the garden!! Tom


                  • #10
                    Oscar would certainly be at home in my place. It was because of me that "unorganized" became a word.



                    • #11
                      I'd have to say a brain surgeon as it would be nice to have some help..LOL.


                      • #12
                        When I first visited the thread it was a vote but now when I visit I get the results so maybe the board somehow thinks you have voted because you posted on this thread. I can't answer that one, only Doug can. No problem since we know what you would have voted I guess. Interesting though


                        • #13
                          I will have to pick Calvin and Hobbes as I have a few toys decorating my monitor to keep the atmosphere light hearted. I also have lots of markers, stamps, ink pads, color paper, glue, scissors, cutting boards (for the greeting cards I make) and so on. That and I like Calvin’s vivid imagination.



                          • #14
                            As for Tom’s problem not being able to vote. I had posted twice to this thread without voting and could still vote. Tom did you view the results before voting? Perhaps that locks up the voting option? Doug?



                            • #15
                              Right now I'm more interested in hearing from DJ about her "husbands" (plural)

                              "between my work and my husbands"

                              I'm afraid that even Oscar would move out of my office to find a neater garbage can...


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