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  • [email protected]

    How do I upgrade Photoshop CS2 to a program that will be supported on my new Macbook pro? Do I buy CS3 or CS5 or have I got to go strait for CS6?

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    Re: [email protected]

    You will need to go to CS6 and you probably need to hurry. Adobe has moved to a new model requiring users to pay a monthly subscription for PS now called Creative Cloud. It is still selling perpetual licenses for CS6 but that may not be the case for long.
    Cheers, Murray


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      Re: [email protected]

      I would like to buy the extended version of CS6, but do you think it is better in the long to sign up to creative cloud incase I end up wanting to get Illustrator etc.?


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        Re: [email protected]

        You can sign up to CC if you do not mind "rent-ware" The problem is that when you need to stop your subscription sometime in the future, you have nothing. That also means you will need some other software that can open all of your work. Since no other s/w can open .psd files you will need to save your images as tiff or jpg.
        Cheers, Murray


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          Re: [email protected]

          Thanks Murray. I have definitely decided that I want to buy a boxed set of the CS6 extended version. However, so far I have only found one that says its o.k. for Mac OS X 10.7 and I am running on 10.8 do you think this will work & be compatible?
          Cheers, Lulla


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            Re: [email protected]

            Lulla, sorry but I have been off the Mac platform for about 10 years so I can't help you. However if you visit the Photoshop forum at you will find all the expertise you need there on the Mac OS.
            Cheers, Murray


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