Hi all, I'm baaaaack!

I was a member here in the early days and learned a lot from you folks. It's nice to see some of those members still here and still helping newcomers.

I joined when Photoshop 6 was big news (how long ago was that ) but I changed computers, couldn't afford to upgrade, other interests occupied my attention etc. but now I'm looking for a hobby that doesn't take up space yet provides hours of enjoyment.

....and with the $9.99/month special on Creative Cloud, how could I resist.

Helpful hint? Want to draw while you watch tv in your easy chair and have no room for your Wacom tablet?

Use a stylus that would work on your iPad!

Just hold down the "button" on the trackpad while drawing with the stylus. Works well for casual drawing, but probably not good for production work. I can see doing this while waiting in an airport of while having a latte down at Starbucks.