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  • Yahoo tracking you


    Yahoo is now using something called "Web Beacons" to track Yahoo Group users around the net and see what you're doing - similar to cookies.

    Take a look at their updated privacy statement:

    About half-way down the page, in the section "Outside the Yahoo! Network", you'll see a little "click here" link that will let you opt-out of their new method of snooping. I recommend doing this. Once you have clicked that link, you are opted out. Notice the "Success" message at the top of the next page. Be careful because on that page there is a "Cancel Opt- out" button that, if clicked, will *undo** the opt-out.


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    thanks for the info Sandra!

    - David


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      You always have to 'opt out' of these analysis/put you in touch with selected trading partners etc never an option to 'opt in'! Over here a lot of commercial organisations are under pressure to offer the latter and its becoming more common among more ethical companies.


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        Thanks, Sandra -- I'm in Yahoo groups and hadn't heard about this yet.

        Did a Google search on web beacons, and found this info:

        They've been used for years -- in Feb. 2001, there was a news item about Congress considering legislation -- partly because "Since many e-mail clients can read HTML e-mail, Web bugs can sometimes be inserted in e-mail. That makes it possible for the company that set the Web bug to match up an e-mail address -- considered personally identifiable information -- with a previously-set cookie. Online advertising company DoubleClick raised the ire of privacy advocates by planning to do just that -- to combine previously-anonymous data profiles with personally identifiable information. "

        "A Web beacon can be detected by viewing the source code of a Web page and looking for any IMG tags that load from a different server than the rest of the site. Turning off the browser's cookies will prevent Web beacons from tracking the user's activity. The Web beacon will still account for an anonymous visit, but the user's unique information will not be recorded." quote from Webopedia --
        Webopedia - Web Beacons

        EE Times -- guidelines for web beacons

        Quick Summary:
        The new guidelines announced today require that:
        1. Any use of Web beacons, whether through a Web site or e-mail, requires notice.

        2. Notice must include a disclosure that Web beacons are being used; the purpose for which the Web beacons are being used; and, if applicable, a disclosure of any transfer of data to third parties.

        3. Organizations that use Web beacons to transfer personally identifiable information -- such as an e-mail address -- to a third party, for purposes unrelated to the reason for which the personally identifiable information was initially collected, must provide choice for such transfers.

        4. Organizations that use Web beacons to transfer sensitive information associated with personally identifiable information to a third party must obtain explicit consent (opt-in) for such transfers.

        The guidelines create a distinction between third parties -- which are companies that gather personally identifiable information through Web beacons for their own purposes -- and agents -- which are companies that gather data only for the purposes of the Web site or marketer for which they are providing services.
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          Thanks for the info. It seems as though we're going to be forced into having some very strict laws made controlling the web. Of course there will always be those who won't care about laws. I don't know about you, but if I know someone is trying to pry into my business, they certainly won't get mine.



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            Many thanks for the tip, the opt-out link & the additional info.

            Yikes. What's next?


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              Yahoo Privacy Statement

              Yes! Thanks Sandra for that info on Yahoo. I made sure to opt out as well. Its really scary how 'Net has evolved over the past few years...things seemed to be more simplier in 1994 when I came on the 'Net.



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                Originally posted by DannyRaphael
                Yikes. What's next?
                Here's what's next.

                Hi Jenny,

                Welcome to RP. I have a feeling you're gonna like it here.



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                  RDIF Tags And All That Jazz


                  Wow! I am just amazed--yet in some ways not surprised! Its about the closest one can get to complete evilness! It smells a little like Stasiland Land living to me...where everyone knows everything about you and then some! Incredible!

                  I am going to share that link with a few of my techy e-pals--thanks Ed. Sigh...wouldn't it be nice if this world was a more trusting place to live? And another thing: I'd like to know what happened to the great educational Internet with gophers, archie and FTP?




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                    Sandra - thanks. I didn't know that.
                    I run a Yahoo group message board and would like to share this info with my members...on the board.


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