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Hello PROs another one amateur is here...

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  • Hello PROs another one amateur is here...

    Hi! The new one is here: My Name is Harry, i come from Germany and beforehand sorry for my 'not perfect' English!...I'm not sure if this Email title is motivating for you, but it's true (sorry for that!).

    I just love digital photography and since i have my (semi pro) photo equipment i try hard to make my dreams comes true... And yes i realized that there is so much to learn about it, and ti takes a lot of time! - bit it doesn't scare me - it motivates.
    I get first (positive) feed back about my photos through communities as 500px,, Deviantart, Shadowness etc.Now that i have my basic techniques with camera, PS and LR, i try to give some 'personal touch' to my photos, and for that i need 'fine tuning techniques' from Pros with a lot of experience as you are...

    Anyway...i think that is enough for first introducing - finally, I would like to get a couple answers to my posts in the future... :-)


    My learning process is based is based on two sayings:

    'There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers' and
    'Stupid is only he who does not ask'...

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    Hi there :)
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    I just wanted to introduce myself:

    I'm Joa (from Joachim, but that's way to long) from Cologne, Germany and I just love there forums here.

    (Joa wasn't allowed as a user name so I took JoaJoa instead.)

    My experience level with Photoshop...
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    hello from iceland
    by sissi
    My name is Sissi (male) from iceland.

    I have been here for a long time... but only reading.

    I'm a photographer and I love retuching... I have used this site a lot, but when it comes to photoshop... you learn something new almost every day... Im here to learn...
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