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Hello all, new here so ...

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  • Hello all, new here so ...

    I would like to say to you, thank you to let me enter into this community.
    I am not a PRO at all, even if I am working with Photoshop quite long time (around 199x, when it was Aldus Photomaker if I remember well).
    Worked several years as a DTP guy, also have done some ads for the magazine, but mostly it was a composition with low time/budget.
    Then since 2000 I have forgotten for 13 years PS, I am working now in Web Development, where I do not need too much PS.
    Since last year (I can say now this, cause we are in 2014) I rediscovered photography passion and now I try to learn back what I lost in those 13 years.
    Yeah, I am quite happy about this, but also I am stunnished to see for example how now healing work, compared to old PS, or how the hair selection is working now, compared that it was a nightmare 15 years ago.
    So I hope I will get some info here and if I can, of course I will try to help as well.
    Thank you for your time.

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    Re: Hello all, new here so ...

    Welcome. Im new too.


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