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One of the funniest things I ever heard

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  • One of the funniest things I ever heard

    My daughter and her husband came over for dinner today. She is a college graduate, and a pretty good cook, but it didn't show today. My wife made a carrot cake, and it was great. Jen, my daughter, wanted to copy down the recipe for the cake. She began writing it down, when all of a sudden she freaked out. She said "four whale eggs ?" Four whale eggs ? This recipe says four whale eggs !!" I immediately knew what happened. When my wife writes, her o's often look like a's. It should have been four whole eggs. I laughed until my sides were splitting. When I went to bed, I began laughing again, so here I am, sitting at the computer, when I should be sleeping! I can't remember when I laughed so hard.


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    that's so funny


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      Yes, I laughed out loud. But as my husband would say, "Any food related humor" [I find funny].



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        lol, that's hilarious Ed, definitely sounds like the kind of thing which could have happened in my family!

        - David


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          all the best cooks use whale eggs.


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            that is too funny Ed.

            ah... the importance of writing and spelling carefully when copying recipies....

            Once when my little sister was maybe 8-ish and just learning to cook, she copied a cake recipie from verbal instructions. We were stunned to read the first line:

            "Place the butter and sugar in warm bowel."


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              Too funny Marie. Welcome back!!



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                I was preparing for a dinner party and needed a few last minute items. I sent my husband out for them (big mistake). One of the items was "cocktail sauce" which I needed to make a sauce for some mini-sausages. When he came back from shopping I noticed that there wasn't any cocktail sauce. When I asked him where it was, he replied that he couldn't find it, but found fruit cocktail and figured that was close enough. I am pretty sure that most cookbooks don't have "fruit cocktail" as a possible substitution item for "cocktail sauce". But to him, they both had the word "cocktail" so that was close enough.



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                  But it sounds so creative One could be the talk of your friends serving mini-sausages with fruit cocktail. Sounds like something I would have done before I got married. My wife took over all the cooking duties, I think to protect herself, but maybe it was to put a lid on my creativity .
                  I also found that if you served enough "cocktails", then no one really cared what they were eating!


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