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  • Wassup?

    Hey everyone, I'm an amateur photographer and I'm learning the ways of touching up photos as I go along.

    I use a Canon Rebel xti with a kit lens, also a 50mm 1.8, and a 55 - 200.

    I have been on a year break from photography, but now I am creating my own website, I am ordering a studio lighting kit (even though I don't have a studio lol) and I will soon get back into doing what I love.

    Any advice from professional photographers, professional artists, and just anyone who has an eye for art; all of your suggestions are welcome !

    Thank you and I hope to hear from you guys soon.

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    Silly Newb questions.. for the photography gurus..
    by auroraskye
    I absolutely love to take photos. In particular I love to take portraits of people, and I also love a classic 40's glamour style (and I like pictures of buildings, but this question really doesn't pertain). Anyhow.. I want to get some professional lights, but my time doesn't allow for me to really justify...
    12-12-2006, 09:40 PM
  • !jordan
    Recreating photoshoot, need advice PLEASE!
    by !jordan
    Firstly, my whole school folio is centered around a fictional music artist and creating merchandise for her with my photos. My friend is modelling for all of the shots, I'm doing the styling (clothes, hair, makeup etc...), and attempting to create a similar costume.

    I'm looking to recreate...
    07-30-2009, 06:07 AM
  • SierraBella
    Camera for students
    by SierraBella
    Ok at the risk of overloading with questions without much feedback on the post of others (yes I'm sorry I'm just not comfortable enough with my skill level to offer advice in most situations) I was curious what everyone thought about a starter DSLR for a photography student.

    Right now...
    08-12-2011, 11:22 AM
  • ashkumar
    setup a studio
    by ashkumar
    Hello All,

    In the retouchpro I can find all solutions, that's why I'm posting this thread here.

    Here is the detail :-
    I want to setup my own studio. currently I've but with the limited equipments and very low quality digital camera.
    Now I want to shoot photos...
    01-15-2008, 05:28 AM
  • Doug Nelson
    Are you an active photographer?
    by Doug Nelson
    I find it very odd that I work with photos literally hours every day, yet I haven't touched my poor camera in months. I wondered how many active photographers we actually have here at RP?

    To celebrate our new "Photography" forum, I thought I'd post a poll and find out.
    At least weekly
    Monthly at best
    Hardly ever, if at all
    I make my living taking photographs every day
    09-21-2006, 02:14 PM