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    I keep hearing about this site. Does anyone have any experience with them? Good or bad? Tks. - Nancy

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    Re: Fine Art America

    I've had a gallery there for two or three months. No complaints. I sold two prints early my sister.

    I'm on SmugMug, too, and each has advantages and dis-. SmugMug is better-looking, for one thing, and gives you more control over the design of your galleries. FAA claims to do a through job of SEO but I can't say it's done me any good so far. One problem, with both of them - and presumably other such sites - is that your work is a drop in a big ocean.

    I got an email promo the other day from ArtPal(dreadful name) which claims to be better than FAA and free. I haven't signed up there yet, but might. Or might not.

    Hope this helps.


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      Re: Fine Art America

      I suppose it's like anything else, you get out of it what you put into it. The problem with SmugMug is that they don't have any local European printers. They're okay for digital downloads...even tho' they take 15% for that!

      I'll start an account at (which is the world wide arm of FAA) just to see if it's worth my while. I'd like to come up with a price list for digital rights management there on the handful of my pictures that are big enough...but I haven't a clue where to start.

      I've been on Dreamstime for years but can't really recommend it.

      - Nancy
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        Re: Fine Art America

        Soooooo...after accidentally deleting my first account there - I've created another one afresh. Wish me luck!

        - Nancy