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  • To Chris W

    How did you manage to make it the week? You are moving through this forum so fast I can't keep up with you. Can we take it from this that you really missed us? I can imagine me when I go away for awhile. I'll probably try finding computers along the way just to keep up with the news.

    OH Love your little boot. It's a real Texan boot there. Where did you get it? Looks great.

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    LOL...thanks DJ.

    Yes I was going through major computer withdrawl...and I was looking at all stops with the family for anyone with a computer but it ended up that I was fixing their computer problems instead of checking on my stuff...

    Thank for the kudos on the boot...I found a b/w of a boot and colored it so it would be an eye catcher then put in a background.

    Have used it now for about 5 years.


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      Chris W., Nice Boot! All the ones up here got holes in "em, same as the socks filling them. Tom


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