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  • New computer now.

    Well, ol' Betsy died on me Wednesday. Got a new machine and I can't believe how blazingly fast it is compared to my old 2007/8 vintage Dual Core AMD. Now I have 4 CORE AMD (8 cpu) ASUS computer w/ 12Gs of RAM (double what I had before) and 2TByte HD (4 times what I had before). I was actually thinking about getting an ASUS several months ago (my first system used an ASUS MB and I really liked that computer back then). Cool that ASUS is branching out into the workstation itself. Anyway, the only two programs I've not re-installed are Photoshop CS5 and Photo Reactor (well, two programs that I've even an inkling to install that is; I had a lot of junk installs or some would like to say one use wonders (lol) that don't need to be re-installed if you know what I mean). If I find a decent RAW processor, I probably won't re-install PS (as some here already know, I'm a GIMP guy; only reason I kept upgrading my PS is to process RAW since I've yet found a decent RAW processor other then PS's). Anyway, I was venting pretty badly until my sister slapped me (virtually that is; she's nearly 200 miles from where I live) and said I'm fortunate that I money in the bank to replace my old system with a new; most folk on this planet don't, and I had to agree with her. I just hate spending money on myself. Still, I guess I can get use to it. lololol

    As for Win8.1 (came shipped that way), I can get use to that too. It's not as horrible as many folk led me to believe. I can get use to Metro; just have to refrain from buying apps (so far, most have been free; lol).

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    Re: New computer now.

    Good for you Lyle!! I'm envious!


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      Re: New computer now.

      Nice rig! Now make it into a Hackintosh!


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        Re: New computer now.

        lol; I can't even get my PS updates to install for whatever reason Plugs; still, the only reaso I re-installed PS is to process my Leica RAWs so updates aren't really necessary.


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          Re: New computer now.

          get startisback , makes windows 8.1 a lot more user friendly i find for pro use.


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            Re: New computer now.

            Using Classic Shell (it shipped w/ my system but no installed). Upgrading it was easy peasy too.


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