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Any decent recovery programs (free) out there?

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  • Any decent recovery programs (free) out there?

    Tried Recuva (and a few others) but no dice. Short store: thanks to Win8, when I chose a partition on my old external drive (had it in 3 separate partitions) to create a back up recovery for my new OS (got a new win8 computer as you know), it proceeded to format the whole drive and install a FAT32 partition with the recovery info. I tried Recuva and a few other tools (hours) and it just didn't cut it for my situation since I want it to be able to see the NTFS partition directory structure to do drag and drop copy. Lucky for me, I had all my pictures backed up on other devices; just lost my program installer downloads folder and a few graphics (lots of work creating those graphics) folder that I had on my old computer desktop. Anyway, if any of you folk know of a decent recovery tool that will see folder structure, please let me know. Very much would appreciate any help.

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    Re: Any decent recovery programs (free) out there?

    Twice I've been in a similar situation and turned to Linux apps bootable from CD/DVD for help. I've forgotten the specific app, but it's probably been replaced now years later. But one of them is sure to be available on one of these discs:
    When your computer starts behaving strangely, won’t boot, or you start getting strange errors that you can’t pin down, a great way to troubleshoot the problem is to boot to a rescue disc and see if you can isolate the problem. It might be your operating system, it could be hardware, but you’ll never know until you…
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      Re: Any decent recovery programs (free) out there?

      Thanks Doug. I finally got Partition Find and Mount to work right (free version is intentionally slow, but functional). Only thing I've not finished scanning is the primary partition for obvious reasons, but retried all needed data from my extended partitions so pretty happy about that.


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        Re: Any decent recovery programs (free) out there?

        Told you to build a Hackintosh, ha!


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          Re: Any decent recovery programs (free) out there?

          You can keep your Macs plugs. lol

          Besides, the snafu was my own bleeping fault for being lazy (not reading in combo with being stupid). I did loose my ability to edit some tuts at, but I'm fine with that (lost my editing links since they were kept on my desktop like a dummy).


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