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  • Why not photography

    Without entering a debate concerning whether or not that photography is art...why is it that when we see wall décor hanging in most hotels/upper-end homes/and the like, it's not photography that we see. Paintings and prints there-of, but not photography...Why might that be?

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    Re: Why not photography

    Hi Chauncey
    Always willing to share my opinion with you. Good question BTW.

    For most hotels, those decisions are made by corporate. Photo prints are much more expensive that what they typically put up on their walls. Let's face it, how many hotels have anyone or would how many would want to pay extra to book a room because of the photography on their walls. Most value their stay at a hotel by many other factors than what is on the walls as the reason to go to a hotel is what is at their destination, not what is in the hotel.

    For the highest end hotels there may be an opportunity yet I would be their goals is what can I put up on the wall that would be the most interesting to spark interest and conversation or enhance the lodgers experience. That can be accomplished by a lot of art with photography being just one. So I bet photography gets their share for those high end hotels yet just a share.

    As far as high end homes. I don't get to wander around in those very often. When a home would be sold (about the only time I would see one) the "stagers" don't want personalized items on the wall which most photographs are. They don't want the potential buyer thinking about the prior occupant yet how they can see themselves in this house as a potential new home. If there were great photography in the high end homes the stagers most likely would ask to take it down and replace with a nice piece of work that frankly does not attract special attention (Same for not high end homes)

    The for homes when not being sold, I would guess it is the same situation where photographs compete with other forms or art and what they do for the home owner or what impact they want to have for their guests. I would not be the one to guess about what a high end home buyer would value to be on their walls.

    Just my thoughts of course.


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      Re: Why not photography

      I ask the question wondering about the wisdom of trying to turn photography into some sort of "art form" seems to be a rather useless endeavor.


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        Re: Why not photography

        I don't know about that. I love your photographs and consider them really great art.

        Yet art is in the eye of the beholder and whether someone is willing to buy ones images is even a totally different matter. Those that shop for art at a higher end often want the whole package from image to the perfect frame, delivery and installation.

        I have two photographs up in my house other than my own one by John Fielder and one by Dana Echols (local photo artist)

        Dana was pretty happy when I took put his image as center stage and moved Fielder's image elsewhere.

        The rest (and the majority) of what is on our walls is determined by my wife and I like what she picks out. It's what catches her eye at art shows from all sorts of disciplines.


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          Re: Why not photography

          Photography is already considered art.

          Individual single photographs have sold for up to $3-4 million. I've seen regularly of photography on the walls in Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton, W hotels.

          People like Peter Lik, Carl Ochs and Rodney Laugh(sp?) have very successful photography galleries.

          It's like any other artistic pursuit (including paintings, music, etc.) -- a few make it big, a few more make it ok, most never make anything.

          ....and there are legions of hobbyists.


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            Re: Why not photography

            Interesting guys but, the interior designers/decorators in my area seem to shun any type of photography, regardless of the artist.
            But, the local art fair shows are a different matter, providing the prints are less than $200-2$50.


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              Re: Why not photography

              The folks I mentioned have galleries in San Francisco, Las Vegas and New York. That's where those hotels are too. In major cities. Again, there are always two markets for any form of art, high end and low end. All but a few percentage of ractitioners are low end in any art form with many many practitioners.


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                Re: Why not photography

                I think that given that most photography contains real scenes might take away from the scene you are in. It's easier to fit an abstract painting into a hotel by simply matching the color scheme and size.

                Photographic images in and of the selves offer loaded questions that may conflict the the brand/appearance of a hotel or home. They tend to offer absolute answer that may be contradictory, offensive, and victim to larger amounts of criticism based on content.

                For hotels, photography will tend to warrant higher costs in terms of usage rights than a painting created by companies that sell bulk 'art,' which employs a salaried artist and does not charge any type of usage and only for the pieces of art themselves. These art pieces aren't normally true 'art' as far as collectors, galleries, and the public at large is concerned.

                This is just part of the answer that your looking for. If you look towards the hospitality industry it goes above and beyond art vs photography. Cost, brand, color, and theme are all extremely relevant and lead to very complex and deep thought when making these sorts of decisions.


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                  Re: Why not photography

                  In Miami not sure the name of the hotel but I remember it was on Ocean drive that had some great Helmut Newton pieces in the rooms. Like Infinitywork3 said about usage rights plays a big roll.


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