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  • Hello from Nashville, TN

    Hi! My name is Christa, and I found the forum yesterday when searching for... I don't remember. I think it may have been regarding safely cleaning old Polaroids. I did a lot of searches yesterday so it could have been something else. It led me here and I felt like I found a goldmine when I started reading some of the posts.

    I'm the manager of a very small electrical contracting business, a former musician (though I'm not sure one can really stop being a musician), and avid PC gamer.

    I'm also a hobbyist photographer, retoucher and restorer. I have, at various times, taken small jobs in all of the above, but mostly I've just done it for myself because I enjoy it. I first learned to use Photohop way back in 1997 when I worked at a small magazine, and after I left that job I could rarely afford to upgrade PS, so I went from PS 4 > PS CS2 > (just recently) PS CC. I'm currently experiencing "feature overload" as I try to evaluate my workflow in light of the newest and updated features. I've also been using Lightroom since version 2, which I bought with my first DSLR.

    I haven't really done much in the way of detailed restoration in the past several years, so I'm trying to work on my rusty skills. I'm going back through my old project files (after I located them on one of my 10 old hard drives) and fortunately, I managed to save most of the original hi-res scans, so I can revisit those projects to see what I can do better.

    So, that's me in a (slightly wordy) nutshell. I'm very happy to have found this site.

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    Re: Hello from Nashville, TN

    Christa, welcome to RetouchPRO
    Hope you enjoy your stay here and make lots of friends.

    RetouchPRO is a place for help, with abundant offerings of knowledge, opinions, or just interesting thoughts, We are a remarkably troll-free and a welcoming group.
    Poke around, offer help and/or advise, ask questions, have fun!


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      Re: Hello from Nashville, TN

      Hello Christa, Welcome to this big community of retouching in photoshop. I hope you will help from here. You just need to post your question in specific category for this. Hope to hear from you more.