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  • Hi

    Hi my name is Scot and I have been a photographer for about 9 years I am in the process of starting a business (AND WOW DO I HAVE A TON OF QUESTIONS) A friend of mine suggested that this site would be a benefit. So I think you all will be hearing a lot from me lol

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    Re: Hi

    Welcome Scot! Tell us more about your business focus.


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      Re: Hi

      As I said earlier I am retired and I started doing photography. I have taken several thousand pictures, had a little notoriety and now I think I am ready to make money at it I have had a few gigs and am developing a business plan. I focus on events other than weddings because I lack self confidence. I also do family portraits, boudoir, products/commercial and nature. My first question is how do I set my cost of doing business and what formula(s_ do I figure in


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