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  • hi :)

    This seems like a really nice forum, and restoration is a big interest of mine so I had to climb onboard. I have been a picture framer for over 15 years, and have done a lot of restoration work for my customers during that time.

    I am also an avid open-source programmer, and contribute to several projects in addition to having a number of my own. My latest endeavor is a complete rewrite of my painting software, Rendera.

    Looking forward to meeting some new friends.

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    Re: hi

    Welcome. I look forward to seeing your work. Do you have a website?
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      Re: hi

      Most of my programming stuff is here:

      I don't have a portfolio of artwork or retouching work online right now, sorry.


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        Re: hi

        A fellow St. Louis resident, I see.
        Learn by teaching
        Take responsibility for learning


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          Re: hi

          Small world sometimes.


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            Re: hi

            One of my favorite places to go, ever been there?


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              Re: hi

              It's been a long time ago, but yes I have.
              Learn by teaching
              Take responsibility for learning


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