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hi guys :)

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  • hi guys :)

    greetings, folks

    yes, miracles do happen; I'm alive

    doug sent me mail asking pretty much that question, are you alive and yes, it's been a long time. I kinda got burned out a bit. I still play with graphics a bit and certainly photography and I still play with filter forge and retouchpro is still my home page here on the web, so I was dropping in and looking even if I wasn't logging in.

    so, I thought it was time to at least come say hello. I do miss the place and I've always enjoyed being around artists. not sure how much i'll be around yet, but I did want to say hi and see some old friends.

    thank you, doug, for holding my place. you are most gracious host!


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    Re: hi guys

    Welcome back!


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      Re: hi guys

      thanks, repairman


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        Hi guys

        my name is Jaimie Peeters from Amsterdam, 35 years of age and started to focus on photography about a year or 2 ago. I have been fooling around with it a few years more though, but not as determined as currently.

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