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Problem Solved: Who is a Professional Retoucher

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  • Problem Solved: Who is a Professional Retoucher

    I’ve finally figured it out! No more head banging, multiple threads and arguments over the eternal question of what distinguishes a PROFESSIONAL RETOUCHER. The answer is merely anyone who has worked on Amber and/or Pam in the challenge section of this site is a professional. Godmother has worked at least on Amber so she is a professional. I have not, so I am not a professional. But, I could be someday!

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    Re: Problem Solved: Who is a Professional Retouche

    I know you're being cheeky
    But really a professional retoucher is someone who makes their living (or a good portion of their living) retouching.
    Its not really a problem at all

    --shift studio.
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      Re: Problem Solved: Who is a Professional Retouche

      Shift Studio: Thanks for replying to my failed attempt at humor. “Cheeky” is probably ok in the Salon area, but the joke wasn’t effective enough. Maybe if I had said “High-End Retoucher” it would have been better? Whatever, I’m dropping this from my next stand-up gig.



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        Re: Problem Solved: Who is a Professional Retouche

        Hey Stormyboy - Your joke wasn't lost
        Sure - high-end-retoucher - thats a term thats thrown around quite a bit. Hard to say exactly the criteria for that one. Your suggestion is about as valid as I've seen!
        --shift studio.


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