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  • Modulo Camera.

    This technology should have been implemented like yesterday. Way cool stuff. It would even make a cheap bstard like myself replace my Leica V-LUX1 (got that as a birthday gift nearly a decade ago) with the new technology. Now, I'll just wait until they finally implement this. Having to frame several captures for an HDR is ridiculous.

    MIT scientists have designed a new camera that will never overexpose a photograph, no matter what the lighting situation is. Called a "modulo camera," it

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    Re: Modulo Camera.

    It can be so so much simpler than that simply by interlacing two sensors, something that's already been done to auto focus digital cameras for video or live view.

    First row ISO setting 1
    Second row ISO setting 2

    They can be the same for added resolution or make an HDR image with the average value but smaller res...


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