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Is google translate that hard to use?

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  • Is google translate that hard to use?

    I just get upset with people asking for help, yet they don't even bother to check if the message they are sending is remotely in English(in this case it was English, but same goes for any language).

    Mambo jumbo, every other word; I know even google translate is better than that. How am I supposed to be inclined to spend my time helping you if you don't even bother to use a dictionary?

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    Re: Is google translate that hard to use?

    Better 4 sum lang thn otherz. I spect most don't now they egnlsh no gud

    (and it's "mumbo jumbo")
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      Re: Is google translate that hard to use?

      I ain't got no prob bro with ppl being ghetto coz dat is still da same lngg, I sure ain't a native 'glish speaker, but at least I digg google trnslt

      Some just send back the exact same list of questions, like half a page, and I was like... um... whaaa? It still wasn't put thru da translator after I strongly suggested it. I know my German is not good, so I double check my correspondence.


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