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  • Be a Patron, be a Presenter!

    Hi all, I just got my annual Patron renewal notice and jumped right on it because i feel this is one of THE top photo forums on the web and I want to support it.

    I was a little more hesitant about doing a RetouchPro LIVE show when asked because, well, it's live and people are logging in from all over the world to watch and listen! But I not only survived the experience, I did it twice ;-)

    Show 1
    Show 2

    So please consider being a Patron to help keep this place running. And if you have some mad Photoshop skillz you think might be of benefit to others, tell Doug you want to do a show!

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    The End of RetouchPRO LIVE???
    by Doug Nelson
    I've got some serious thinking to do about the future of RetouchPRO LIVE.

    RetouchPRO LIVE is more popular than it's ever been. My thanks to everyone for that continued support. I love doing the shows, and it warms my heart when I read the feedback about how much they're helping you....
    10-21-2011, 02:51 PM
  • Doug Nelson
    Reasons for not guesting on RetouchPRO LIVE
    by Doug Nelson
    I thought you might enjoy reading some of the reasons I've been offered for declining my offer of appearing as a guest artist on RetouchPRO LIVE.

    I suspect many of them are actually tactful ways of saying "who are you, go away, stop wasting my time", but still I thought some...
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  • Doug Nelson
    RetouchPRO LIVE 2/7/15 - Audience Showcase
    by Doug Nelson
    RetouchPRO LIVE
    Audience Showcase

    And now for something completely different.

    On our next RetouchPRO LIVE, our guest artist is...YOU!

    Here is your chance to show the world what you've got, where you're at, or how far you've come. And to help your peers and learn...
    02-03-2015, 07:36 AM
  • cruel.frames
    RetouchPro Live from outside USA thoughts
    by cruel.frames

    I am in Germany and as many other non-american members would love to watch some of the past shows. I know that YouTube offers the rentals only for the US and that you can't do anything about that. Fair enough. But is it really YouTube the only option? I doubt that.

    01-30-2011, 09:21 AM
  • Doug Nelson
    RetouchPRO LIVE - Audience Showcase #5
    by Doug Nelson
    RetouchPRO LIVE
    Audience Showcase #5
    Ok, let's try this one last time (perhaps).

    Last month's Audience Showcase got a little awkward. We had lots of uploaded images, which is excellent. We had plenty of people in the audience, also excellent. The trouble was only 5 of the images...
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