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New to the board- hobbyist not a pro!

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  • New to the board- hobbyist not a pro!


    I've been learning to colorize images as a hobby for the past 18 months or so and am amazed at the different techniques, approaches and abilities I've seen across the web.

    I am not a photographer or an artist, albeit I have "rudimentary" drawing skills (I can draw what I see quite well but I have no training or marketable talent).

    So, I'm all about enjoying what I'm doing and admiring the talents and gifts of others!

    When I colorize I tend to naturally go for photorealism but will occasionally do the "artsy" image. I want to improve my ability to see and apply color as well as improve my understanding of lighting, shapes and the art of the photograph in basic general context.

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    Re: New to the board- hobbyist not a pro!

    Hi Modular_Folds, welcome to RTP! I'm interested in seeing some of your work and learning your techniques. I have a ton of old family photos scanned and would like to bring some of them alive via colorization and have only tried doing a couple using plug-ins (see here; scroll down for example done with Coloriage).

    I posted a contest once and some people online had a go at a photo of my great-great grandfather; see issue #12 of my ezine here (screenshot attached). Other examples are inside the ezine as well.
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