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Hello a quick intro about me.

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  • Hello a quick intro about me.

    Introduction - I came here after seeing the interview with Lee Varis on this website and thought this might be a great place to talk with other professionals. I have been an artist most of my life I consider, lately I have taken on more and more retouching jobs as a friend is taking more and more photos. I don't work with the camera but I do my best to improve the photos she provides as best I can and give advice to my friend on how to use the camera nicely.

    I am Looking to improve my skills with all things photoshop and who knows what else I will gain from being here. I studied computer science and went into web development instead of fine arts. I think this was a positive as it gives me an edge creating with digital media. I have years of painting experience with acrylic and oils and I think combining high quality editing then bringing that to canvas and adding rich paint is the ultimate process as oils and expensive acrylics give a printed image extra substance in my humble opinion. In future I hope to buy an expensive camera, good screens and better gear and improve improve. Excited to learn and yarn(talk) on about anything.
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    Re: Hello a quick intro about me.

    Hi zeroLiver, welcome to RTP!

    You've got an interesting combination of traditional and digital experience and skills, so it will be nice to see and discuss your work.


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      Re: Hello a quick intro about me.

      Look forward to it! Thank you