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  • Hi from John in Michigan

    Wow it's hard to believe I have been a "member" since 2010 and I've never posted at all here. I haven't even been to the site since then. Well that's all about to change. After a 20 year career as a professional photographer I am moving into the editing field as a small business. I have a website but I'm not sure I can post that in here.

    I've been doing my own post-processing for many years but I want to be better at it. There are many new techniques I am diligently learning and applying to my work. I know this forum will be invaluable to share and receive ideas from like-minded retouch pros. I am truly excited to be an active member - finally.

    One question - can I change my profile name?

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    Re: Hi from John in Michigan

    Welcome. Well, only truly new thing that came with PS that didn't exist in analogue is the liquify, for everything else the simpler-the better.


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