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  • Need advice

    When i photo edit pictures my bf has sent me on all the photos have writing in the background that hes wrote either that or he really is tryin to make me crazy. I need to no once and for all coz he just gets mad wen i ask. Every editor i got isnt good enuff to highlight the words so im only gettin bits can u help xx

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    Re: Need advice

    Your "bf"? Sounds like an image is copyrighted with a watermark. Watermarks are designed to be hard to remove cause it is the artist's "signature" that it s their work. It prevents anyone from stealing and using the image without permission.


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      Re: Need advice

      Hiya it's not copyright watermark. It's actual writing I've come across time and time again all over I've since found out he was cheating and him and his whatever u wanna call here were sneaking around for months writing messages to each other some were written in code wen I confronted him he lied said it was all in my head so I took photos because I needed evidence as he'd of rather seen Me Go crazy than admit the truth. The only prob I have is you can see the writing but it's either really small or not clear as my phones camera isn't that good. I've tried loads of photo editing but not found a good one as if yet the thing is I need this because I really need closure but he a wuss and won't tell me truth so I feel I need the truth to move on of u get me any help would be greatly appreciated thank you


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        Re: Need advice

        Don't be a psycho. Let this kind of stuff go. Get on with your life.


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          Re: Need advice

          If the suspicion is real then the relationship is over, regardless of how much evidence you can get. Take Klev's advice and get on with your life.


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