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  • Hello from Maryland

    I'm a long time photographer with no ambitions of being professional, attempting to sell or even show.

    I was working at a book by Scott Nightngale on Blend Modes and saw that it was marked Beginner-Intermediate. According to my understanding of that book, I am somewhere below Beginner.

    That being said, I have a website and I want to make my photos look better, perhaps even good.

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    Re: Hello from Maryland

    Lew, you've got some great work on your website! Only the brave do street photography ;-)

    As for blending modes, they're really easy to work with. Check out my Flypaper tutorial here for an example of using texture overlays on images via blending modes.


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      Re: Hello from Maryland

      Thanks for the hello, altho it does seem like a marketing hello.
      I tried to get to the buy page and the site timed out twice.


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        Re: Hello from Maryland

        The Flypaper example was the first one I thought of as they are the ones I use on my own stuff; you can do this technique with any texture or image.

        I see what you mean about the link (I will contact them to see what's going on).


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          Re: Hello from Maryland

          The developer just wrote and said they are seeing the slowness too, so maybe it will resolve soon.


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