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Terminology, terminology. Is it retouch or edit?

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  • Terminology, terminology. Is it retouch or edit?

    Ah, another client that called me "image editor". It is both funny and sad.

    So why do so many people don't know what they're looking for?

    Image editor=retoucher, graphic editor=illustrator. Where did they hear of this "editor" position when it is them who is the editor???

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    Re: Terminology, terminology. Is it retouch or edi

    You can pay editors less.
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      Re: Terminology, terminology. Is it retouch or edi

      I can remember a few years ago over on another forum... the term "Editor"...coming up. There was HOT debate about why "Retoucher" wasnt appropriate any more... even if it has been that way for 20+ years of conventional useage.

      Some ill-informed, but loud and vocal, and persistent people liked the misnomer "Editor" better... and in the course of a year or so of repetitive attacking... "Editor" became to stick more and more. Now the politically in-correct crowd have claimed the victory... "Retouching is now Editing" and they will correct you, challenge you, and even verbally abuse you... if you use the word Retoucher word again.

      Doug has a great point too. Even if its wrong... if you Dont have to Pay Up...then its OK for you to mis-call it whatever you like and want to call it... as long as its to their advantage.

      Ive heard a lot of words change meaning recently...words that have had useage histories for hundreds of years... now ignored and favor of the newer politically in-correct versions. I think there is a small but vocally assertive segment of our population that seems to feel strongly that they should Re-Write society, words, concepts and facts... so it lines up better for them.

      Sorry to bring politics into a thread like this... but "Editor" just doesnt do it for me at all! Im a Retoucher! The person at the magazine I work with... THAT Person is the Editor...NOT ME! I retouch...I dont edit.

      If you dont like pushy, punitive, political in-correctness... then set our country and forums straight again, and take their reverse abusiveness, and stand up for what you know to be right, and start to gently push back the un-truths. Be a mini-hero for yourself... call it like you see it what is true and accurate. Magazine Editors and Media Buyers hire Retouchers!

      Im Not An EDITOR just because some bossy person wants to incorrectly and in-accurately change some things up... just for their own agenda and pleasure.
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        Re: Terminology, terminology. Is it retouch or edi

        I just find it hard to communicate with someone if they don't even know what kind of service they're paying for.


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          Re: Terminology, terminology. Is it retouch or edi

          I hear you. This is a modern day term that has been pushed upon us by some newer pushy people who prefer to call things their way...instead of what has been standard for 20+ years. A retoucher is NOT an Editor.

          Yes...if you want to CONSTRUE that a retoucher edits an image...than maybe I guess some small way. I move pixels and modify them. Its a far stretch that I edit them... I retouch them.

          If a person wants to use a term they like...and they have the money...and if you can accept them changing the definition and nomenclature of your field of work... then do business with them.

          So what if they want to call you an editor...if the work they want done is retouching. You are good at that... do the work and trade money in exchange for that. This was a very HOT and disruptive argument a number of years ago. Those who didnt know our field very well...wanted to change what you call it... they wanted to call retouching... editing. It felt silly that they were calling retouching...editing. But that was their passion... Change what was once real...and change it into something that was totally opposite of what everyone at that time commonly held as obvious. Black was NOT white in those days. Black was called black...and everybody was comfortable with calling retouching...retouching.

          So yes... they have the money... go edit for them... they think they are cooler than you ... for using THEIR term for what you do... so humor them... realize it wasnt so originally. Sometimes in these modern day times... black is now orange. Go figure. Sometimes the world feels like its gone crazy. Play the game if you can keep your peace.


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            Re: Terminology, terminology. Is it retouch or edi

            I do, I just roll with it, but knowing a lot of editors, having worked with them and knowing what they do, I find myself being called an editor beyond stupid, especially since the editor is my boss. It's happening often, and even comes from people I wouldn't call newbies in any way.

            I don't know who came up with this, but I guess it's the same person that came up with "photoshopping", when, in fact, retouching can be done using different methods, and, digitally, using other software.


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              Re: Terminology, terminology. Is it retouch or edi

              I TOTALLY agree with you. I am a Retoucher... and I just got a check this last week from THE EDITOR of the magazine.

              Its OK. This is an upside down crazy world!! LOL.

              Good thing im going to a sane place someday...this world is getting a little crazzier every month.

              I wonder if our Attorney General will have ANY consequences of breaking common sense and the internal legal rules of her department. If her subordinate ever met with a principal in a sure they would be harshly dealt with. But NOT this group. This is the signal that Rule Keeping and Law Keeping are no longer to be tolerated in our society. Its the same kind of crazyness for me.

              I appreciate your sensitivity and your understanding in what you are observing. Wish you peace and safety.

              Have a GREAT SUMMER!!


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                Re: Terminology, terminology. Is it retouch or edi

                It's annoying if you work in a relatively small, but long established, branch of a very large industry when Johnny-come-latelys breeze in with their biz speak and useless jargon. It doesn't help when they know little or nothing about RETOUCHING and feel obliged to share their ignorance in the form of a bad brief. A brief that tells you one hundred things you don't need to know whilst omitting the essentials. In recent years I guesstimate that 50% of the briefs I receive need amending or at least clarification because of incorrect terminology by the author. [rolls eyes heavenward]


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                  Re: Terminology, terminology. Is it retouch or edi

                  I do post.


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