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    I'm a new member! So new, I couldn't see how to start a new post thread! I finally clicked on a Salon post and found my way here.

    I teach Photoshop, college level, and I have questions about LAB mode - not so much what it is and how it's set up - I get what the channels are and why it has a lightness mode. I understand I can manipulate color separate from luminosity and that it's purely a manipulation mode not set up to talk to devices. What I need are some links or movies that show students practical or creative ways to use it. Most of the vids I've checked out are not very useful in that way. Any suggestions about what to do or where to post this question on this site would be appreciated.

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    Re: new member

    Hello Chacaboy, welcome to RP!

    I would suggest heading over to Amazon and checking out Dan Margulis' book called "Photoshop LAB Color: The Canyon Conundrum and Other Adventures in the Most Powerful Colorspace (2nd Edition)".

    A Google search revealed a number of LAB-related videos; which ones have you seen and not found useful?


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      Re: new member

      Thank you for the welcome. I have had other helpful responses to this post to check out the books on it. I was hoping to get by without buying another book, but it looks like that's the best option. Sorry I can't name the videos - but two were to demonstrate how to solve problems so obscure that I would not be able to convince students it would be worth their while. One - from a well known Photoshop guru seemed to think that Lab is only for increasing the difference between the color opposites in channel A and channel B – not much to go on. Time to read up!