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  • plugsnpixels
    Re: Another new member, here!

    Hello Steph! Welcome home ;-)

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  • Sflowers55
    Re: Another new member, here!

    Hey Josh,

    I am new here as well. looks like we are all in the right place. I too have the same goals of a freelance business. I also took Pratik's creative live class which really got me excited about the retouching side of photography. I was very inspired by Pratik and the ease at which he retouched.

    Looking forward to seeing you in the forums.


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  • plugsnpixels
    Re: Another new member, here!

    Great to see all the new people on the forum lately! Very exciting, and I hope you find success with your retouching and photography goals.

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  • glodesigns
    Re: Another new member, here!

    Hey Josh,

    Welcome and I am new too so we will be learning from these generous fellow members together. Got the same goals too but I actually want to get into photography as well as the retouch road.

    Best of luck!


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  • Doeringretouch
    started a topic Another new member, here!

    Another new member, here!

    Hello, everyone!

    I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself on here! My name is a Josh and photography has been a hobby for 6 years now. I've created a (VERY short lived) portrait business a few years back and hung up my camera after a very unsuccessful year.

    I've dabbled in retouching and recently began practicing Pratik's (creative live) retouching course and set my sites on bigger goals.

    Ultimately my goal is to build my freelance business to where I can work from home, networking with photographers and retouchers to create a successful business.

    Of course, due to my past failure and learning as I go, I'm completely open to learning what it takes to become successful in this industry and create a name for myself. Any advice and thoughts are welcome!

    I look forward to talking with you all and learning as much as I can!

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    new member from near...
    by Still-Images
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    Hi all,

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  • TomJanz
    New member WOOT!!! - TomJanz
    by TomJanz
    Whats up everyone,

    I was looking for a photo retouch forum, and i came across RP. I cant wait to go through all of the wonderful information that this forum is loaded with!!!

    My name is Tom, i live in Camp Hill pa. I got serious about photography about 2 years ago.
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