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  • New member sayin' hi!

    I actually joined quite a while back. I did a challenge and loved it. Now I am really delving into my first love . . . playing with Photoshop.

    I was introduced to Ps in my second year of interior design school. We had assignments with lots of compositing going on. It is so exciting to me creating a real and believable artwork out of just "pieces".

    I would never attempt to sell something that was not real, if it was not real, without stating so. I have a lot of integrity in everything I do. Still, it is so much fun to create composites and I can get lost in time.

    While I was in interior design school the economy went nuts and thank God for my Ps skills, because basically overnight, there was no more interior design going on. Over half the established professionals left the field! There was no place and no gigs for a beginner like me. I was able to translate my design knowledge and Ps skills into a new career in web design. I taught myself a few platforms and now that is my main, "stay at home online job". Truth be told, if I could just play with Ps all day and do nothing else to earn money, I would.

    So I am getting a site together to show future artwork and I am planning now to spend a couple of hours a day really getting to know Ps better so that maybe someday I will know the program well enough and be good enough at processes, (not just compositing of course but post production etc.) to have some revenue from this too.

    Looking forward to networking and seeing lots of work from all the members.

    Thanks RetouchPRO for such a cool site and space for us to exchange ideas!!!
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