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  • Another new member

    Hi i have been building up the courage to join, i am a complete novice, self teaching, and i will be doing my course next year, which will give me NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Creative Crafts, i hope to keep learning more from here, and having ago at some challenges. im getting to grips with it a little, the main thing i struggle with is Black and white, either recoloring black (never truly goes black its like a charcoal or grey) or trying to turn things black or white they go Grey.

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    Re: Another new member

    Welcome !! The first post is the hardest :-)
    I haven't been active here in a long time, but it has always been a good place for novices, as well as those with more experience. Feel free to look around but also feel free to post when you find a thread that interests you. Most members come to learn - posting your version of something can get you some feedback and then you'll feel like " just a regular member" and you won't be "new" anymore. ;-)


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    • magz
      yet another new member
      by magz
      Hi all,

      Ive been lurking for a while now, and i firstly want to say that i have learnt a great deal here.

      I'm fairly new to CS3, and have had great fun applying some of the techniques discussed here. When i get some confidence, i will post something ive done
      11-02-2007, 03:11 AM
    • rwmj
      new member
      by rwmj
      Hello all

      I have reestablished my connection to photography in the last couple of years after a 2 decade period of inactivity, and now of course digital technology is the norm. I started out with Elements 6 then moved to Lightroom and now have started using CS5 for what I can't do in...
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    • wayne naughton
      another new member
      by wayne naughton
      just joined up. glad i found you guys. i'm pretty keen to improve my editing skills, especially in the field of digital lack and white. and i think i might need all the help i can get...grin

      02-10-2009, 12:00 PM
    • JaneK
      New Member
      by JaneK
      I'm new here, just beginning a major project to restore a large number of photographs from 1939 thru 1950. They are all B&W. I sure am glad I heard about this forum and I expect the tutorials and helpful advice will make my project more successful as well as more fun.
      06-08-2007, 11:53 AM
    • macmich
      new member
      by macmich
      hi all
      i am just joining up today and hope to learn a fair bit from the members here
      i have been using a dslr for only 6 months so a relative newbie
      although i have been takiung photos with point and shoot for 40 odd years
      cheers macca
      12-17-2010, 02:56 PM