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  • skoobey
    Re: Deep Paint

    Very likely it's not compatible with newer PS iterations. I remember that a lot of developers had issues adapting to PS after the 2014 version.
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  • Gib
    started a topic Deep Paint

    Deep Paint

    Need help.
    Just downloaded and installed the free app " Deep Paint "
    During installation it asks if i want to install the " Photoshop plugin " i checkmarked the square. When i go to Photoshop the plugin is nowhere to be found.
    Any one any idea what went wrong or where it is nested in Photoshop ?
    I use " PS-cc-2017 " maybe it doesn't work with ps 2017 (?)
    Many thanks for your answers/help.
    Last edited by Gib; 02-22-2017, 08:11 AM.

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    Can anyone offer advice on getting Deep Paint to work? I open a photo, open Deep paint, click "Send" tab and it runs, and runs, and runs but never finishes. I even left my computer on all night last night to see if it would complete the test and when I got up this morning, it STILL hadn't...
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