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  • Hello, New guy here

    Hey, my name is Ray M. saying hello from AZ. Starting retouching digitally around the late 90s. Working in labs in AZ since 1985, high school sophomore and working in a lab in Glendale, AZ. I packaged, called color, replaced bulbs in the old Lucht package printer, and used EP-2 and C-41 chemistry to develop film and photos. Remember when mixing Developer would take 30 minutes for Part A?? I believe if it wasn't mixed well, then tar would develop and would stick to the photo paper as it was processed. I am recently starting to get back into digital retouching and photography after a 10 year leave, searching for a new career. I was steered back and now I work for Shutterfly as a Production Lead in the Cards dept. I wan't to hone my skills, learn new techiques and eventually start up my home business with wedding photography and digital imaging services.

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  • andrew_tihi
    New from Germany
    by andrew_tihi
    My name is Andrew and i wanna start retouching to get a medium level for wedding photography , portrait and studio

    07-04-2014, 01:54 PM
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    by Lash LaRue
    Hello, to all of you. ..... My name is Lash LaRue; I am a retired law professor who has taken up photography as my second life. My goal is to get as good as I can get at the game of digital photography. .... I look forward to learning from the posts in this forum. .... L /
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