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Literacy, where have you gone?

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  • Literacy, where have you gone?

    Dear Lord, I am working with a client, and the amount of "street lingo" that is being used is more than I can bare. I decided to went a bit, and ask have you ever had a "pleasure" of working with clients of the illiterate variety?

    Some of the terms being used by the client throughout our correspondence:

    street ware(it's wear!)
    cuz (because I presume?)

    I am tempted to throw a book at the computer.

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    Re: Literacy, where have you gone?

    "street ware(it's wear!)" You maybe wrong, it more like "Out there in the street ware it happened".

    "cuz (because I presume?)" Maybe that's one of your relatives

    "yo" could be the abbreviation of yo-yo?

    And one more item for you to consider, the changing of a type of photography to a direction. We spent many years producing portraits and landscapes. Now those two words denote direction and I have not heard any of new words replacing them while discussing those types of photography. Just what was wrong with vertical and horizontal?

    So now we ask, would you like a portrait portrait or a landscape portrait?

    Or how about, "The smoke from the fire raised portraitly into the sky".

    Maybe I am just getting old...........


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      Re: Literacy, where have you gone?

      "Her boobz need to look betta."

      Nothing says landscape like that sentence, especially coming from an art director.


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        Re: Literacy, where have you gone?

        Eloquence, grammar, literacy... I miss the good 'ole days. In particular, the phrase "my bad" makes me cringe, as does "no problem" in response to a thank you.



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          Re: Literacy, where have you gone?

          Originally posted by MDWine View Post
          Eloquence, grammar, literacy... I miss the good 'ole days. In particular, the phrase "my bad" makes me cringe, as does "no problem" in response to a thank you.

          Haha - I say "no problem" instead of "you're welcome" very often - and I'm no kid.
          "My Bad" is a pet peeve for me too.

          --Shift Studio.


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