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A possible cure for your joint pain.

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  • A possible cure for your joint pain.

    Got the information in the link below in an email (found online version). Still, I'm hesitant since we are talking about roach poison (Borax). Regardless, I might experiment with this for its ability to flush out fluoride (not to mention, my friend came back to visit (have scoliosis; very slight and have had back issues since a kid. Did not know I had scoliosis until my final military physical before leaving the military and the examiner not only said I had scoliosis, but said I should not have been allowed to even enlist in the military. I remember my back getting thrown out of wack after riding over the tank tracks in the desert so I can attest to his diagnosis. lol. Every so often, my friend comes back to visit (back pain). It use to be as low as once every 2 to 3 year, but now I'm experience it 3 to 4 times a year). If borax can address my back pain and also the bit of arthritis that I've developed in the left hand heal part of the palm where the thumb's located, I would be happy.

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    Re: A possible cure for your joint pain.

    Very informative! thanks for this.


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      Re: A possible cure for your joint pain.

      Well, just started day two (and am still alive; only side effect so far is I'm sleeping better). Anyway, I posted this story elsewhere and someone their shared this pretty cool link as well.

      Discover the natural and effective remedy of using borax for arthritis. Learn about the dosages, benefits, and potential risks of this alternative treatment.


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        Re: A possible cure for your joint pain.

        Thought I should post an update. It's now been just over a month. Though the pain in my thumb joint is still partially there, I can now say, unequivocally that this treatment definitely works. If I had known about this 5 years ago, I would not have been suffering it for that long. The sharp pain's now reduced to a duller one that's not even noticed if I don't shake the left hand or do anything with it (before the pain was noticeable regardless, but didn't bother me unless I was actively using it).


        Also, some additional reading.

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