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  • Florida did it

    Tampa Bay Bucs #1

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    yeah, I was watching the game too, it was a good one. it's impressive that the Bucs managed to win the game in their first superbowl.

    - David


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      and of course Oz beat England in the VB series...


      • #4 for the World Cup


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          I've heard of the American game where most of the team wrestle in the centre while the ball is somewhere in the crowd perhaps our cricket team should try it!


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            I've heard of the American game where most of the team wrestle in the centre while the ball is somewhere in the crowd
            Is that the one where they all wear spacesuits?


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              Thats the one Al, they all butt heads for a while and then throw themselves on the ground after that they stagger to their feet and go of for a chat with friends at the side of the pitch. Some of the more sensible ones hang around at the back avoiding the head butting but get to go off as well. Another fella dressed as a pedestrian crossing occasionally points to the ends of the pitch so the players know which way to charge.


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                England at Gridiron

                Iwouldn't bother even thinking about the English cricket team attempting American Football it would be just another embarisment. It is simple, we introduce games to the world then procede to show everyone how to do badly at them


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                  After their recent slaughter in Oz I think the members of the team should get back to basics like learning to tie their own shoe laces etc!


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